“Technology backed Smart Investing for everyone”
Our aim is to re-define financial planning with help of smart technology for financially self-reliant India

At ARA Wealth Creators, we want to help young Indians and NRI save and multiply their earnings while keeping things simple. Our Focus is on you and hence we start with “What is the objective/goal for investing”. A journey without a goal is roaming disoriented and hence our first step towards financial freedom is to assign GOAL to your financial dreams and then working out a way to achieve it.

We believe is 3E, i.e “Educate” about financial planning, “Empower” the client with correct set of tools to monitor and make decision, “Execute” by giving the client a platform which is completely paperless and ever evolving.


ARA Wealth Creators is a platform aimed at helping Resident Indians and NRI’s to save & multiply their earnings while keeping things simple with the help of technology. Entire financial planning, right from goal setting to execution and monitoring can be done in a paperless manner with few clicks of the button.

Our Aim

Help our fellow citizens to dream, plan and achieve their financial dreams by use of productive technology. It is our endeavor to stay at the forefront of the technological advancement in the field of investment, thereby providing Resident Indians and NRI with sufficient options to invest and multiply their earnings.

Our Mission

Ensuring your financial dreams are delivered.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We don’t believe in making tall promises, but we’re all about keeping the ones we do make:
  • We vow to never compromise your interest for commercial considerations. YOUR needs are what guide us.
  • The stripes we want to earn are not built around scaring or confusing you into signing up with us. We earn your trust by sharing our knowledge and helping your money grow.